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Article by Wendy Campbell

Messages from Mother Earth: The Tree

by Wendy Campbell


I love the way the tree’s skin folds in its armpits – I hide mine.

The skin blemishes and scales are there for all to see — lumps, bumps, discolourings — I try to cover up mine.

The roots holding the tree’s space in the ground while it stands so tall; the graceful sculpted arms reaching for the sky — so full of life!

The leaves, their little faces turn to the sun and follow its daily path across the heavens.

The tree’s blood, oozing, not pumping, slowly down the skin, like tears. Maybe that’s what it is – the tree weeping … for what – lost loves, lost past, lost children?

The tree as a whole person is a friend and mentor to me – showing me how to BE:
be strongly planted in one place,
be fully integrated in my environment,
be a complete, fully ALIVE part of Mother Earth.

Thank you Mother Earth