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Article by Wendy Campbell

A Win-Win Success Story

by Wendy Campbell


I write to share a Success Story with you. As you will know by now, my burning passion is to work with people on achieving their dreams and goals. My success stories always include this theme.

One of our longest-standing clients, Plunkett Homes, has made a strategic decision to move towards E-Commerce. When Tony Pritchett (General Manager) shared this news with me, I was very excited. Not only would I have the opportunity to share another forward-thinking project with Tony and his wonderful team. Also, Tony and I would work with the Glastonbury Company’s leading edge consulting approach, using corporate culture as the driver for this strategic technology innovation.

In his inimitable style, Tony confidently entrusted me with his Sales Team. I facilitated our initial meetings, giving Tony the “space” to work with his Sales Team in defining and moving towards their future which the technology will open up for them. I was very privileged to observe this process, sharing their joy in finding much common ground as the picture of their future unfolded before them.

This valuable time together not only drew a clear picture of their future. It also drew the Sales team members together as a vibrant team with a common purpose.

We then moved enthusiastically into the technology training, which the team had designed together. I worked closely with our trainer, Penny Vaskess, to incorporate the goals for the future into the customised training programme. Penny was the perfect choice for this challenge, with her strong background in sales and training. She carried out her part of the project with great style.

The Sales Team, with a clear picture and set of goals drawing them forward, worked hard at their training. Their reward was a tremendous increase of competence and confidence in their laptop technology, making them the envy of their peers.

Tony and I will continue to work together, watching over and encouraging this team as each member strives to continue this path to personal excellence and shared goals. By facilitating and nurturing their new culture, the commitment to the Plunkett Homes E-Commerce project will continue on, as vibrant as it is today.

Through allowing his Sales Team to define their own future culture, Tony has allowed them the invaluable opportunity to drive this key strategic project.

And so this Success Story brings a true win-win for all “players”.