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Kindness and Strategic Planning

       posted on Wednesday 04 Jul, 2007.

Flying home yesterday from Melbourne I pondered on the weekend just gone. After arriving there on Friday evening my brief had been to take the strategic planning sub-committee of the national board through a strategic planning exercise in one day!

Lots of preparation including extensive briefing of the Vice President had given all participants a good insight into where they had been and where the group wished to go. Even then, the goup had a history of not achieving objectives…

As I prepared myself for the day I put myself in their shoes, but with the vision of completing the exercise in one day. The day flowed well as each participant shared his or her vision of where the organisation should go. There was surprising consensus, even as I pushed them to keep moving. But no disparaging comments were allowed.

And they achieved their objective!

On time!

It just goes to show that treating them all with respect and kindness, from the first time they were contacted to the end of the planning day, got them treating each other in the same way and achieved the results they were looking for.

“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.”

Mahatma Gandhi


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