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Passages - Grass Roots Social Responsibility

       posted on Tuesday 01 Aug, 2006.

One of the biggest projects run by my Rotary Club (Perth, WA) is Passages, a resource centre for homeless young people.

Today I visited Passages as part of my role as Director of Youth Services for the club. After spending some time talking with the then-Manager, Rod Mapstone, he showed me around the centre. There were young people doing their washing, having showers, chatting in this safe environment, learning to eat well, choosing clothes (because they only had what they wore), and generally being supported in what many of us would regard as very ordinary activities but to them were rare and to be treasured.

Walking out of the front door afterwards I was profoundly grateful for all that I have in my life that, for one reason or another, is denied these young people; grateful to those who make, and continue to make, this centre available to those who need it; and grateful that my husband and I can give our children and grandchildren an environment in which to thrive.

Passages is grass roots Social Responsibility in action, showing what a difference a little kindness makes to many lives. And for the corporate sponsors proudly displayed in the centre, to be supporting those less fortunate reflects well on the Social Responsibility of these organisations – a good thing in these days of active and vocal communities!

Click here to see for yourself.


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