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On Being Resilient

       posted on Thursday 21 Apr, 2011.

Obstacles…What obstacles?

On Tuesday my year plan was mapped out before me.

On Tuesday I visited my ENT surgeon to discuss my chronically infected tonsils. He had a good look, and yes, they will have to be removed under surgery on 12th May. The recovery will take 2-3 weeks and be very painful.

For the rest of the day I was rather sad about this. But the next morning I awoke with renewed conviction that this was merely a stumbling block. I HAD to fix this chronic infection so that my knee joints could be replaced. With the impending launch of the Resilient Leadership Program I had to find a way around this. I will work hard to get all my meetings and hard work done before the 12th. Then as I recover I can get all my reading and writing done.

This pattern felt good. Then I could see this was how I would get through the 2 knee joint replacements, and their 3 month recovery phases, AND get all my work done so that we could finish this project. The launch and its follow up WILL happen, it will just take even more project management than I envisaged.

And, dare I say it, I will have to really be resilient!


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