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It's Self-Esteem Stupid!

       posted on Wednesday 13 Jun, 2012.

The basis on which all a leader’s resilience rests is self-esteem!

This morning I attended a most inspirational breakfast, hosted by a business enterprise centre. The speaker, Dan Gregory, invited us as small business leaders to have more courage to be more of ourselves in the promotion of our business. He gave us many inspiring reason to do so.

As I drove home through the aftermath of last night’s storm, I wondered what stops us from being more of ourselves. Certainly in my own journey as a business leader I know I have got in the way of myself so many times…And when I’m putting myself out there, either to associates or to clients or to suppliers, it takes some sort of energy that I have to be very focussed on to keep to the fore…

What is this energy?

Then I chuckled to myself. It’s self-esteem, stupid I told myself! That’s been the big journey. That’s the journey upon which everything else rests. It’s knowing what I stand for and having not just the courage, but the self-esteem that tells me that which I stand for is worthwhile. That’s what gets things on the map.

Yes, it’s been a great morning!


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