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Return to the heart of find the light

       posted on Friday 02 Nov, 2018.

A couple of months ago I watched a tv show about German Jews leaving Israel and returning to Berlin. To live. Most were 3rd generation Israeli citizens. It was a most uplifting story, these people choosing to leave their friends and families and return to the place where so many of their past family friends and families were murdered.

Since then, their stories have been on my mind. I glimpsed the light shining brightest in these 2 observervations:
1. An East Berliner observed that “I’ve never seen a living Jew.” He was very happy to see this return happening and welcomed them all.
2. An ex Israeli citizen observed that she could never find the light at the heart of the holocaust darkness when she lived in Israel. She had to return to where it happened to find that.

I do believe that, in our hearts, we humans come from a good place. Many Germans have been carrying the guilt of the holocaust since 1945. Now they are finding opportunities to create a new beginning of caring and sharing their homeland with Jews once more.


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