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       posted on Friday 09 Nov, 2018.

On my walk this morning (much enjoyed after 10 days of illness and unable to enjoy walking), I spied a tiny daisy flower growing in an equally tiny crack in the tarred path. The golden of its exquisitely small petals was pale against the dark tar. And it flourished quite happily in its own little niche, each perfectly suited to the other.

This was the image that I’d been seeking, to discover my niche following the digital marketing summit that I attended last week. The niche that’s waiting for my love and the things that I care about to flourish. So far, I can see that it involves similar people and books and stories of resilience and much co-creation around shared purposes. The niche that simply suits all this perfectly.

Remember the daisy.

Back home, this this perfect blog post by Lawrence Yeo graced my inbox.

Yes, it’s all right in front of me🙂🌼


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