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Being Parent: the Best Job of My Life!

       posted on Sunday 15 Sep, 2019.

Reading this lovely article on parenting by Maria Popova reminded me of my commitment when our first child was born — to be the best mother I possibly could for this precious gift. A commitment which I repeated when all our children were born.

The words in Maria’s article, quoted from Kahlil Gibran, that especially resonated were: Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Lifeā€™s longing for itself. As mother, I honour and am deeply thankful to Life for gifting my husband and I with her sons and daughters. And from this gift, our family circle has grown to include their partners and little ones. Our family gatherings are precious places, blessed with Life:-)

To be a parent — and share this with my fellow parent, Rob — is definitely the best job of my whole lifešŸ„°

(Photo from Unsplash, by Xavier Mouton.)



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Friday 30 Oct, 2020

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