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Enigma: 1960 Reviews

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Buy your print copy of this enthralling story for AUD $32.95 + postage direct from Pat’s publisher, Wendy Campbell.

The world of Science for every reader to enjoy.

This book is definitive for the insight it sheds on the understanding of Science, and the role it plays in our lives. At this time in our history when the findings of Science are continually dismissed, disregarded and doubted, Dr Stevenson shows what it is the Scientists really do, and what it is that the Scientific method shows us. Our world faces many challenges, all of which can only benefit from the objectivity of this Scientific thinking.
— Sally

A human interest story blended with scientific history and facts, Judith and her friends and colleagues are maturing socially and emotionally as their science matures. Scientific curiosity and love of discovery have been lifted out of the dry scientific tomes and given Life. You’ve taught me much I didn’t know and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
— Sylvia

This is a well written book by an author who knows her subject thoroughly. It has enough scientific detail to keep science buffs happy, but not too overwhelming for others. Recommended as a good read.
— Marilyn

Here is a work that sits right on the cusp between fiction and non-fiction, that draws us away from drama to a world where problems are solved in real time, and that still manages to engage us in that pursuit. It’s the treading of that line, the cajoling of the reader back into reality, that becomes another, different challenge – one of composition, and one that this author takes up wholeheartedly.
— Michéle

I thoroughly enjoyed your book! Can’t wait for volume number 2. I am proud to be friends with someone who contributed so much in your field and had such a distinguished career!
— Shirley

I loved all your detailed descriptions and feel I know Judith, Arthur and Simon really well. I hope you have a continuing episode as I want to know their destiny.
— Gloria

Buy your print copy of this enthralling story for AUD $32.95 + postage direct from Pat’s publisher, Wendy Campbell.

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