Enigma: 1960

Book 1 of the ‘Snakes & Ladders in Ivory Towers’ series

The world of Science for every reader to enjoy.

Dr Pat Stevenson tells the story of university research life in the 1960s through fictional PhD students Judith and Arthur, against the background story of the discovery of the structure of DNA. A riveting read is the most common feedback so far!

Dr Stevenson traces the development of the scientific minds of Judith, Arthur and their university friends and colleagues. She enjoys this description of the scientific mind by Francis Bacon:

A Mind, Nimble & Versatile enough to catch the Resemblances of Things, which is the chief point, & at the same time Steady enough to Fix & Discern their Subtle Differences. Endowed by Nature with the Desire to Seek, Patience to Doubt, Fondness to Meditate, Slowness to Assert, Readiness to Reconsider, Carefulness to Set in Order, & neither Affecting what is New nor Admiring what is Old, & hating every kind of imposture.
— Francis Bacon in p 151 of “Selected writings on the interpretation of Nature”, NY Random House, 1955.

Learned Men prefer the Public Good to their own interest
— Francis Bacon