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Corporate Social Responsibility - Ultimate Bottom Line or Complete Waste of Time?

Corporate Social Responsibility is as simple as recognising all the people with whom your organisation interacts, your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your contractors, your community, and treating them with kindness and respect.

Through an example, we see that good Corporate Social Responsibility begins at home in your own organisation. Treating your staff with kindness and respect brings benefits beyond the bottom line – they become your most loyal allies and greatest supporters of your organisation, attracting many more of the same.

Another example clearly demonstrates the value of practising good Corporate Social Responsibility with your customers. Giving your customers of your very best, seeing things through their eyes, makes them your most loyal advocates who attract more of the same.

A third example shows that the community is not something outside your organisation. Rather it begins at home with your interaction with your community. How you interact with your community ultimately decides on the success or otherwise of your organisation, because your staff, your customers, your suppliers all come from the community. Treating them with kindness and respect, practising good, self-motivated Corporate Social Responsibility, is your key to success and your rock-solid reputation.

Is Corporate Social Responsibility the Ultimate Bottom Line or a Complete Waste of Time?

Long-lasting good Corporate Social Responsibility is only going to happen when it is driven from the Boardroom, when your Boards take on the culture of good Corporate Social Responsibility. Through treating each other with kindness and respect in the boardroom, then supporting this culture throughout your organisations, Corporate Social Responsibility will become your ultimate bottom line.

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