resilience with kindness & purpose

Fabulous Women Interview of Wendy Campbell by Pip Brennan

Wendy’s values that drive her as a Change Maker began when she was 16. Her values are expressed in her work, as they attract the people that she can help as they too strive to make a difference.

Her first writing project emerged in 2000, as she tried to out onto paper her learnings from surviving really tough times. She was very grateful to have survived to share this story.

When Wendy went to the publishing industry with her book, she was appalled at the values that underpinned this old industry. She set up her own publishing system that holds writers and readers at the centre, with values of respect and kindness. She published her own book through this system first, and is now creating a community of writers and readers around her process.

To people want write their own books, Wendy recommends not getting in the way of the creative process. She asks writers to be clear about what change or shift their readers will have experienced by the end of the book. Creating first version of the book is a creative process – editing and graphic design comes later. This creation needs a guiding light: the purpose of the book is the intended shift or change for the reader.