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Testimonials for Wendy’s Work

Wendy’s Books:

“A compelling true story, of sheer guts, determination, courage and trust. Wendy takes you on an exciting adventure where stepping outside your comfort zone is merely the first step!
As you walk with Wendy, you learn of her daily challenges and how to conquer them. You’ll be left wondering what challenge lies around the next corner.
A truly inspirational journey and a testament to what we are all capable of, once we put our minds to it.
It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down.”
Michael, after reading Wendy Campbell’s book On Aspiring: Journey Beyond Courage

“This is fabulous. It captures the joy of living.
Go out into your garden and look at an ant nest. The ants are working away for the survival of their species. Each individual ant will die. Does it know that its life was meaningful? Maybe.
This book is about how some humans go beyond working to preserve our species, and try and produce something beautiful.”
Terry, after reading Wendy Campbell’s book On Aspiring: Journey Beyond Courage

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Wendy’s Mentoring

“I was on a panel last night, talking about coaching in organisations. We were discussing ICF, and it took me back to the days when you and I did that coaching work together as I stepped into the President role. That was a really developmental time for me, and you were a wise guide. So, thank you once again for your role in shaping me!”
Digby was relatively young to be stepping up to lead a professional organisation, and went on to lead his team to achieve great goals, as well as to develop his business in the same way.

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I always really enjoy speaking with you and you really help clarify my thinking and give me some great ideas.”
Jarrad was running several ambitious projects, and went on to streamline his work load in order to maximise his effectiveness.

“I am looking forward to catching up at our next session where you have been generously providing your valuable wisdom:)  I just hope many others get to enjoy it as much as I do!”
Jorgen was working to find a job that would allow him to support communities to become stronger and more resilient.

“Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for all your coaching; it’s proving itself over and over again. Thanks again for so much direction.”
Loris went on to tackle a national emergency situation for her company which included the sad loss of lives, and achieved a strategically successful and amicable outcome for all concerned which exceeded all expectations.

“Thanks for your gentle, awesome coaching.”
Dawn went on to unite and work with her family, achieving her challenging goal of self-determined leadership and dramatically increased standards of health for her people.

“Thank you for speaking at the Australian Institute of Office Professionals Business Breakfast this morning. All members and guests who attended were impressed by your very interesting presentation on the subject of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility – Ultimate Bottom line or Complete Waste of Time’.
I am positive everyone who attended will be able to relate to the messages you presented today and have been inspired to incorporate corporate social responsibility into their own workplaces.”
Jenni Lumsden, President, AIOP WA Division, 2006.

“I must congratulate you on a thoroughly successful workshop, with excellent leadership and facilitation.”
Jim Singleton, Department for Planning & Infrastructure, Western Australian Government, 2006.

“Wendy, you gave a thought-provoking talk and had obviously researched Zonta International. Highlighting the achievements of women, including one of our Founders, Marian de Forest, and including our own club’s theme of ‘Advance, Achieve, Applaud’ in your story, was certainly in accord with our celebration. We have ‘applauded ourselves’ on a very successful evening and thank you once again for being part of it.”
Elaine Newman, President, Zonta Club of Swan Hills Inc., organisers of the Zonta Founders Day Dinner.

“Thank you so much for being a Guest Lecturer for my class at Notre Dame University. The feedback was very positive.”
Tom Murrell, Proprietor 8MMedia and Lecturer in Public Relations, Notre Dame University; Wendy delivered a lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility to Tom’s students to follow his lecture on Ethics.

“Thought-provoking and highly valued; Very worthwhile; Positive honest approach to self awareness and supportive developmental coaching; A new positive way of thinking; A thought-provoking start to a longer journey; The space that was created was a great gift; This is really important work; I like the practical application of Appreciative Inquiry and its alignment with other leadership concepts.”
Feedback on the training course “Leader as Inspiring Coach: Applied Appreciative Inquiry” delivered to University of Western Australia Extension in 2005.

“I have really enjoyed our sessions, thank you very much for your guidance.”
Judy went on to tackle the enormous changes in her life with ease and panache.

“Thank you, for your newsletter I really do enjoy receiving it. Very pleased to see your presentation engagements.”
Annaliza Jackson, Annaliza Jackson & Associates.

“Thanks Wendy. It’s always nice to get the newsletter, not least because it is so nice to read of positive things in these dark days!”
Elizabeth Tilly, University of Western Australia Extension.

“Thanks again for your contribution and direction at the CSR Seminar on Friday, it all went extremely well and we were very pleased with the outcomes and reactions of all involved. The feedback forms returned were all very positive and I think this is an event we will be able to build on in the future.”
Margaret Stronge Smith, Business Development & Events Manager, IPAA WA.

“Thank you Wendy; this gives me some very workable steps for my journey. I very much appreciated our session. It was amazing; I found it original, refreshing, positive, ‘be-able’ (and ‘do-able’!!) and inspiring.”
Roselyn went on to sort out the challenges in her life with grace.

“You have been a kind and appreciated supporter to me and I really value your input always.”
Mark developed his own resilient leadership, and went on to lead his new association to the success that he always envisioned.

Wendy’s Group Mentoring & Facilitating

“Thank you Wendy. It was great having you facilitate the planning day. It was an enjoyable day with good results, both of which are due to your involvement.”

“Thank you very much for facilitating the day for us. I thunk your approach was a good fit with us and think it will assist in moving things forward. I personally appreciated being able to participate and let the group move at its own pace.”
Yvonne, team leader.

“Many thanks for your facilitation on our planning day. I thought the day was completely successful – relaxed, purposeful and worthwhile, all helped along by your prior planning and leadership on the day.”

“Thank you for facilitating our planning day. We moved around to encourage working with different people. It was good to recognise the things we do well.”

“During our planning day, for the first time I felt an important part of a very progressive and understanding Team. Our ability to listen, share and be attentive to new ideas was very encouraging. There was a great deal of cooperation from everyone and that was a wonderful experience. I feel appreciated and excited about the future. Thank you.”

“Wendy facilitated our planning day really well. I really liked the opportunity to sit in groups which rotated in order to have the chance to engage in discussions with a number of different people.”

“Thank you for facilitating our planning day. All presenters did the business and were interesting to listen to. It was a relaxed atmosphere in which some useful work was done. Thank you.”

“Thank you for facilitating our planning day, Wendy. You were competent and helpful. I really liked the opportunity to hear my colleagues talk about their work and professional drivers. The exercises were useful in clarifying a number of issues and items requiring attention if we are to carry out our responsibilities.”

“During our planning day I liked that Wendy was not overbearing. She has a good grasp of letting group discussion and feedback be generated by the group rather than being led by her. I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the work we do in our Team and to improve on this. We are unable to do this at work because of our busy schedules. And I was pleased that the key issues were discussed in an open forum and ways of resolving issues were identified. I enjoyed the experience.”

“Wendy’s facilitation was good – she allowed for interaction without talking over. And I really liked the structured exercises. It was a good planning day.”

“The best thing about the planning day that Wendy facilitated was the opportunity to network and discuss outside of our usual teams. The day was very worthwhile, especially as an opportunity to collaborate with people who we would not normally work with.”

“The planning day that Wendy facilitated was a positive and safe environment to constructively discuss ideas and concerns. All presentations and activities were productive and useful. The exercises were positive and collaborative, and I enjoyed that we had the opportunity to work and discuss ideas with everyone in our branch. Overall the day was effective in uniting and setting direction for the whole branch. Thank you.”

“When you facilitated our planning day you were well-presented, engaging and personable. I very much liked the interactive component and being able to move groups during the day. The whole exercise was excellent, informative, interactive and met my goals. Thank you.”

“I thought Wendy did a great job, facilitating our planning day. I really liked the way she went through each section to see how we could benefit each others work. The day was very helpful and very enjoyable. It was nice to get to know other staff members a little better.”

“Thank you for facilitating the workshop on General Practice and Social Responsibility. I appreciated the chance to talk with other GPs on this topic.”

“Your facilitation of our workshop on General Practice and Social Responsibility was good, and I liked the interaction with other General Practitioners.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to get perspective on my social responsibility in the context of my general practice. Your workshop helped me realise that it is very hard to change the world! However I liked the interactive discussion and it helped me realise that all us GPs are facing the same problems.”

“Thanks so much for the meeting [about general practice and social responsibility] yesterday, Wendy. It was very encouraging!”

“On behalf of the Rotaractors I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for your guidance with the facilitation of the group sessions. The knowledge you imparted onto us from your expertise at the training sessions leading up to the conference were extremely helpful during the breakout sessions at the conference. The skills you taught us will certainly be used in our future endeavours.  
The feedback we received was positive and the participants enjoyed the interaction and opportunity to discuss the issues so relevant to Rotary today. Thank you for contributing your time and energy for preparing us, we are truly grateful.  
Kind regards,
Shiva and her young colleagues went on to successfully facilitate group discussion sessions of much older Rotarians at the annual Rotary district conference.

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