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The Glastonbury Company presents

Writers’ Co-Creation Circles

Are you looking for kind conversations about your writing (new or in progress)?

Our Writers’ Co-Creation Circles have been created to support your writers’ muse. Our conversations centre around your writing’s deeper meaning — the message that your writing seeks to tell.

As a writer herself, Wendy Campbell knows the often lonely journey that a writer must travel to be true to her creations — spoken so eloquently by writer Jonny Sun here. He closes with the realisation that…

In these dangerous and unsure times, in the midst of it all,
I think the thing that we have to hold onto is other people.
I know that is a small thing made up of small moments,
but I think it is one tiny, tiny sliver of light in all the darkness.

Even for writers, there are times when other people need to share the journey, to offer other insights and understanding that each written creation calls for to reach its full potential.

And before you leave, enjoy this reflection on words — John Koenig’s meditation on the meaning we assign to words and how these meanings latch on to us.

Photo by Kylie Haulk on Unsplash.

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