About Us

Welcome to The Glastonbury Company – the home of courage and kindness and making a difference.

A social business, we are proud sponsor of the Resilient Leadership Community & Program since 2000.

Company founder Wendy Campbell has been helping people flourish through making a difference since 1989. Using her special blend of writing, publishing, mentoring and coaching, she supports people like you to choose courage and kindness as the heart of your personal resilience.

Applying personally tailored coaching and mentoring, and supported by our online bookshop, Wendy helps you to focus your personal leadership on your courage to be kind to yourself and ti others. This is your path to the lasting change you want to make. Many people and organisations have flourished from Wendy’s skills during her many years in this challenging yet enjoyable work.

As well, Wendy’s community work is an important part of her drive to make our world a kinder place. Her community focus is through the Rotary Club of Perth, where she is almoner, membership director and leadership facilitator.

If you are looking for a nurturing, respectful environment that will bring more kindness into your life and the life of others, you have come to the right place. Click here to tell us how we can help you.

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Please enjoy your time in our home of kindness.