resilience with kindness & purpose

Hope & Kindness for Our Times

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I have gathered these messages to help you to stay hopeful as our “new normal” world emerges from the pandemic. If you would like me to include any messages not here already, please email me.

Wishing you hope and kindness,
Wendy Campbell

Love Letters to What We Hold Dear

Act Belong Commit

It’s amazing how much nature and wildlife we can find just a short walk from home!

Peaceful places, reminding us that quiet has the power to heal

Charming talks to cheer you up

Tom Foolery – The Great Realisation | Why Hindsights 2020

A Million Dreams – A Daddy Daughter Duet

Respect for the Earth = Self Respect Earth Day 2020

These photos reveal a hushed world


We are tougher than we seem. We are tougher than we think. Our stories will outlive us. Let’s make them good.

On ‘A Poem for What You Learn Alone’

How Sailing Prepared Me for Sheltering in Place

And the people stayed home

30 Quotes About Resilience and Strength To Guide You Through Hard Times

Resilience – the Still Point

The peace of wild things

Rest is not idleness…..

The Great Pause

Amsterdam tourism in a post-corona world – a kinder, gentler industry?.

10 Top tips for keeping up morale

I’m an Emergency Doctor Tackling COVID-19 in Ghana. Here’s What’s Giving Me Hope

Diary to support your Mental Fitness during COVID-19

Coronavirus in the UK: the people carrying out acts of kindness, from delivering food to suspended care packages

Living through Big Change

This is the time to be slow

Dear Guy, Supporting others during this crisis is exhausting me

Farewell, workplace burnout: will coronavirus slow the manic pace of our modern lives

COVID-19: What Every Business Can Do to Help.

On Being Resilient

Caremongering is helping Canadians in challenging times

Five Videos of the Ocean to Enjoy While Social Distancing

Disasters and crises bring out the best in us

Pandemic pen pals: Geelong kids spreading joy amid coronavirus panic

Shakespeare got through it. We will too

Let’s grow online greenspace for healthy sociality & mutual aid

The Upsides of a Global Pandemic

Finding the New Courageous Conversation in Times of Uncertainty

This is a time for solidarity

Good Karma Networks: helping people help each other

Photo A Ray of Hope by Rob Campbell.

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