Rob's Nature Calendars

It is wise to adopt the pace of Nature,
her secret is consistency and patience.

Rob Campbell has been a nature photographer all his life. In his words, he is an artist whose medium is the light.

Ever since producing his first calendar in 2012 from his growing portfolio, his love of our natural world shines through every one of his photos that he shares. Through his eyes, we can enjoy the consistence and patience of Nature in her beauty, her endless adaptability, and her gifts that enable us to live on this planet. Entering his view we enjoy a precious peace, a calmness to help us handle the increasing change and drama of our human world.

Rob’s calendar for 2019 has now been proudly published by The Glastonbury Bookshop, and continues this peaceful experience that we have come to expect from Rob. You can enjoy a taste of his 2019 photos here.

To order your copy of this oasis of peace and beauty direct from the publisher, Wendy Campbell, for AUD$27.95 each + postage, simply email Wendy here.