Wendy Campbell

Do you have a purpose or change project you are working towards that’s not happening the way you want it to? Perhaps distractions are getting in your way, or it’s not supporting your values. I would love to help you!

I will create a place of grace for you to discover your natural resilience with my writing, and by listening to you kindly and without judgement, which means that you can achieve your purpose with kindness. I’m looking forward to hearing from you here.

What’s Your Natural Resilience?
Try out my resilience framework here. I’ve written it to help people like you achieve your purpose. I would love to hear how you go! Please email me here.

How Can I Help You?
As a life-long mentor, trainer, facilitator, group leader, coach, writer, author, independent bookshop owner, community maker and committed changemaker, I help people like you, using:

My clients and colleagues have taught me many lessons and I am grateful for your trust in allowing me to walk alongside you during my 30 years of working with people. Read what some of them have said here.

Claims to Fame:

My Current Opportunities to Give Value


I am blessed to have been married to Rob, fellow nature lover and adventurer, for 48 years. We have three adult children, three children-in-law and two delightful grand-children. When not doing my work, which I love, I enjoy reading about and adventuring on land and ocean especially with Rob, meeting people who have chosen the courage to be kind in their lives, and spending time with my family and friends.