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The Glastonbury Company Story

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The Glastonbury Company was founded in 1989,
named after the ancient market town of Glastonbury in the United Kingdom.

Wendy Campbell and her husband Rob Campbell had visited this still-flourishing regional centre a few months before. Wendy loved the story of the town. Its abbey — now falling into ruin — had been the centre of the local community for many centuries, helping the people of the town and the region to be resilient as they struggled through famines, plagues and other devastating challenges.

Wendy’s purpose for The Glastonbury Company was to be a place of grace, helping people to build their resilience with kindness and purpose. Her first focus was the then-new computers which were arriving on office desks all around the world, changing the world of work forever. The name Glastonbury was perfect, bringing the ancient culture of the town of Glastonbury into the present. It remains perfect today, as Wendy and her team continue to support and encourage people to be resilient through kindness and purpose:-)

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