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Resilient Leadership PRIMER: the 7 Keys of Kindness

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A reflective and practical journey of personal Resilient Leadership™ for our times.

Created to deliver everyday kindness into the heart of Resilient Leadership™, this engaging book traces the lives of its characters — Doris, Deb, Ken, Dave, Margaret, Kevin, John, Jeff, Jim and Ben. Their story takes you on a reflective journey alongside them through the 7 Keys of Kindness™, as they learn to embrace the Keys for themselves.

This is also a practical book. Written by Wendy Campbell and enhanced by all our Resilient Leadership™ Community Mentors, in these pages each Key of Kindness™ gives you a reflection space and the opportunity for mentoring with your own Resilient Leadership™ journey.

Exclusively available to members of our Resilient Leadership™ Community, the Resilient Leadership PRIMER and its 7 Keys of Kindness™ guide our personal and shared Resilient Leadership™ journeys.

Ask our Community Founder, Wendy Campbell, how our Resilient Leadership™ PRIMER can help you today.

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