Books on Our Shelves

We are proud to use Sendle as our trusted book delivery partner.

° 1st Shelf: On Aspiring: Journey Beyond Courage, Book 1 of the “Beyonding” Series by Wendy Campbell.
AUD$29.95 + shipping.
The very first book in our catalogue, this is the Autographed Edition of Wendy’s inspiring true story, leading up to her creation of the Resilient Leadership Program. This book truly captures the joy of living through tough times.

° 2nd Shelf: Adaptable Leadership: Where Kindness Matters by Wendy Campbell.
This is your introductory reading to the Resilient Leadership Program; a value-packed mentoring program for anyone working towards positive change in their lives.

° 3rd Shelf: Enigma: 1960, Book 1 of the Snakes & Ladders in Ivory Towers Series by Dr Pat Stevenson.
AUD$32.95 + postage.
We are proud to present the first fiction book written by this accomplished scientist and author.

° 4th Shelf: Rob’s 2019 Calendar, by award-winning Australian nature photographer Rob Campbell.
AUD$ 27.95 + postage.
The very best in nature calendars.

° TO COME: Click here to find more good reading for later!